At an appointment with the Consultant, he advised we should try IVF. This was it, download-1something that was finally going to work right. 40% odds for people below aged 30. Lets go!

So we started the IVF short protocol, injecting Menopur for 10 days. My ovaries aren’t particularly fond of this treatment, and started to over respond. Luckily my oestrogen levels didn’t rise too high, and I made it too egg collection!.


As I caimg_4037me round, my husband preceded to tell me that I had been talking about Christmas Crackers in my sleep and that I had ordered him to get me some food. I should think so, given it’s a painful procedure! I quickly asked him excitedly ” How many eggs did they get?”. “Guess” he replied. He has this particularly annoying habit of leaving me in suspense when he knows it will create the greatest impact.

29!!  How is that even possible? They collected 29 eggs!

The doctor came round and explained that I had mild OHSS, but said not to worry and with careful monitoring, I would be fine, and off they sent me home. We spent the rest of the evening guessing how many eggs would be fertilised and were looking forward to seeing them grow on the embryo scope.

The next day came and I waited patiently from the embryologist to let me know the success rate. When they finally rang, my heart was in my mouth, the first words she spoke were “I’m really sorry, it’s bad news!” I could have cried then and there without hearing the rest of what she had to say. “None of your eggs fertilised” she continued.

How could that be?! I frantically googled and searched forums for someone else it had happened to, just for some relief. I had planned it all, I had kept it a secret from my family, because I was going to get pregnant and surprise them on Christmas day. Why was the universe doing this to me!

They arranged an emergency appointment with the consultant to discuss what had happened. He couldn’t tell us why, other than it was likely to be a binding issue,  but reassured us that  ICSI, where they inject the sperm into the egg, should relieve that problem. I could start the short protocol again on the day of my next bleed…..