Tuesday 28th December 2016, the first day of my full bleed, here we go again.

I booked a scan for Day Two, but when I went the lining of my womb wasn’t thin enough, I needed to go back tomorrow in the hopes it was thinner.

Day Three, another scan; Success!!! My womb lining was thin enough and no cysts. This time I was on Bemfola and Menopur for five days.

Day Eight, back on the hospital for a scan and blood. My follicles were growing, but bloods came back as having high oestrogen levels, so they told me to drop the Menopur and carry on with the Bemfola. Back again in two days.

Day Ten, follies are looking fab on the screen, just need those pesky blood levels to be in a good range. Nope! too high again!  So I am told to take one Bemfola that evening and coast over the weekend and return Monday for a scan.

Day Thirteen, this is it! My follicles are ready for egg collection with about 7 above 18mm, and lots of others its going to be another big collection again. Bloods taken, I’m beginning to look like a junkie with all the bruising on my arms and legs! “We will phone you later, and tell you what time to take your HCG shot.” They say.

Only my bloods had now shot up to an E2 of 27000, way over the 20000 cut off for egg collection. The Nurse advises “You will need to coast for one more day and hope your bloods come down enough for egg collection on Friday instead.”

Day Fourteen, praying that my E2 level have dropped enough for egg collection. Waiting patiently all afternoon for that phone call, when it finally does come I just want to know either way now, I’m fed up of this roller coaster ride.

My E2 levels have dropped to 9000, which means the egg quality is now not viable and the cycle in cancelled…