Having always had irregular period and been trying to conceive for year with no
luck, my
GP referred me for further test only to confirm what I always suspected I had PCOS. (The chin hair and mustache were a bit of a give away!)

So we started on our assisted fertility journey with Clomid:

50mg – No responsepcos-cartoon-2-babies

100mg – Cyst

100mg – No response

150mg – Cyst

150mg – No response!!!!!!

Turns out I’m Clomid resistant. Typical!

Not to worry I can now either have a procedure called Ovarian Drilling, or go onto the slightly more hardcore drugs and start IUI.

Having decided I didn’t want my “Ovaries Drilled” I opted for the IUI.

First Attempt – Failed,

Second Attempt – Failed,

Third Attempt – Failed.

Now what?